Top 11 Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Top 11 Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Have you unlocked the cart abandonment strategy for your store yet? Every store has experienced huge traffic with low sales. Of course, it is not a rare one and a cautious one though!!

Focusing on the cart abandonment rate of your store helps in boosting your store’s revenue. There are chances when a customer adds a heap of products in the cart and abandons it at the corner. 

Usually, cart abandonment happens due to various reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the results will be overwhelming for the store owner. Few proven stats shows that few companies have been facing a high cart abandonment rate of 83%. 

But, have you ever thought about the reason behind the high cart abandonment rate of your store?

There may be myriad reasons why your customers do so. Here are the top reasons for eCommerce cart abandonment. Customers may wait for,

  • A drop in the price of the product
  • Expect attractive discounts or coupon codes
  • Free shipping 

Many eCommerce store owners have understood the importance of reducing cart abandonment. But, what is the solution?

Do you depend on the marketers or act smartly with the abandoned cart recovery plugin? 

No, let us unveil the reasons to use the abandoned cart recovery plugin for your website. And, comes the list of the top 10 abandoned cart plugins for WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

Why use an abandoned cart recovery plugin? 

Gone are the days when eCommerce store owners got a peak in sales. Today, the competition has raised and so are the expectations of the customers. When your cart abandonment rate is too high, it is difficult to get more sales. 

But, here is the good news for you! Installing the abandoned cart recovery plugin is pretty simple. It helps you get out of this trouble. 


The abandoned cart recovery plugin helps you to recover your lost sales. It helps in engaging email campaigns, targeting ads, and attractive exit-intent popups. You can find ways to optimize your eCommerce site for conversions and experience increased revenue.

The plugin also has a close watch over the customers’ purchase behavior. The smart dashboard will help you collect all the essential information. 

Why not try it now and experience the benefits before your competitor makes the first move?

Top 11 Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins in 2021

After deciding to choose the right abandoned cart recovery plugin for your store, you may encounter a pool of plugins matching your expectations. 

Now, here comes the best among the rest. 

Instead of spending hours researching every plugin, our experts have bought you the list of top 10 abandoned cart recovery plugins that has already amazed millions of users through its extraordinary features. 

Retainful – Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin for Shopify and WooCommerce

Retainful is another free yet effective abandoned cart recovery plugin in the list for Shopify and WooCommerce platforms. More than just a cart abandonment plugin, Retainful has many on-site features that help in sending customized emails to your customers at gradual intervals. The plugin also helps in introducing your referral programs and amazes your store’s visitors with attractive popups, etc. 


  • Automatically sends abandoned cart emails 
  • Schedule sequence of emails to the users without nudging them often
  • Unlimited email campaign templates with easy customization
  • A clear abandoned cart email including the name of the items abandoned in the cart
  • Shortcodes for the first name and last name to make the mail more personalized

Retainful’s customizable email campaign lets the users create their campaigns using the intuitive drag and drop editor and track the revenue of every recovered cart through the dashboard. Retainful is also known for its flexibility. It integrates with leading eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce and Shopify. 

As a plum on the cake, Retainful is also known for sending next order coupons to the eCommerce customers. It allows in making the new visitor to a potential customer thereby increasing the revenue to the peak. You can also explore more about the successful cart recovery email examples before drafting one. 


Both free and pro versions are available. 

Starter – $15/month

Growth – $39/month

Professional – $159/month 


HumCommerce is a free visitor recording and conversion rate optimization plugin for WooCommerce stores. It generates visitor recordings, analyses them to give you insights related to abandoned carts, dead clicks, errors as seen by users to help you increase your conversions.


  • Visitor Recordings
  • Get data related to abandoned carts
  • Error messages as seen by users
  • Number of Dead Clicks

Optinly – Abandoned cart recovery popup

To recover your abandoned carts, not only email marketing and coupons, but even exit-intent popups work. There are many best popup plugins available in WordPress. You can glance at the comparison between the best plugins and choose the best.

Optinly, the first goal-based exit-intent popups, helps greatly in reducing your cart abandonment rate. Say, when a customer often abandons the cart due to the expensiveness of the product, you can use the spin the win wheel popup to get a discount on their products. 


  • 5 different types of attractive popups
  • Advanced triggering options
  • Unlimited popup campaign creations
  • In-depth popup campaign insights including views, clicks, and conversions
  • Inbuilt WYSIWYG Editor
  • Flexible email platform integration
  • Analytical Dashboard

Optinly has classy and eye-grabbing templates that never fails in dragging the visitors to the target page. Not only exit-intent popups, even the floating bar, and the sidebar bar popups help in following the visitor without nudging them too often. Go through the eCommerce popup examples wisely to boost your customer engagement rate and reduce cart abandonment rate. 

Optinly functions as a plugin that provides both Shopify and WooCommerce abandoned cart popup. You can even consider it as the best cart recovery app Shopify. 


Both free and paid plans are available. 

Growth Plan starts from $25/month

Save more by paying annually at $20/month

Hubspot for WooCommerce

Every WooCommerce store owner has wished to track the items left-back in the cart of their customers. Using HubSpot’s free WooCommerce integration, you can start customizing your abandoned cart sequences. 


  • Sync WooCommerce store data to Hubspot
  • Manage customers effectively using HubSpot CRM
  • Using the HubSpot CRM, the WooCommerce store owner will get notified with the data in the dashboard. You can also create smart lists, automation, and email campaigns to convert visitors into customers. 

The most satisfying feature in HubSpot is the ability to track the most frequently abandoned product. It helps the store owner to increase the product’s sales through discounts or providing coupon codes. 


All WooCommerce Integration plans start from $79

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce, an easy-to-use plugin, helps the store owner instantly to recover their sales and redeem their customers back to their purchase phase. After the successful plugin installation, it actively runs behind your site and sends email notifications to the customer as a decent reminder. 


  • Allows customers to recover their carts with a single click
  • Includes abandoned products list to analyze deeper
  • Tracks abandoned products’ order value
  • Adds custom variables including first name and last name

It is also applicable for the guest users too. For an absolute beginner, the plugin helps in recovering the sales and minimize the store’s cart abandonment rate. The store owner will get notified once the customer recovers their cart and completes their purchase. Such a cool move, isn’t it? 


Both free and paid plans exist. Pro version starts from $119/year


OptinMonster, the next WooCommerce abandoned cart popup, does a great job in reducing cart abandonment using its attractive exit-intent popups. Effective page-level targeting helps the store owners to analyze the user behavior and their purchase manner. 


  • Using the purchase behavior analysis, the store owner can provide offers to the particular product that grabs the customers’ attention. 
  • OptinMonster’s templates are completely customizable and are relevant to your needs. 
  • It has a flexible drag and drop editor for your email campaign
  • Adding elements to the popups is easier

Other than the cart recovery options, OptinMonster is a great conversion optimization tool loved by most store owners. 


No free plans. Paid plans are listed below.

Basic – $9/month

Plus – $19/month

Pro – $29/month

Growth – $49/month

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce plugin can recover your sales through a smooth function. It runs in the background of your site and enables you to monitor the customers’ purchase behavior and take necessary action. Rather than sending emails, the plugin uses cross-device cart rebuilding. Here, the plugin uses Facebook Messenger to remind customers about their abandoned carts. 


  • Abandoned cart recovery popup customization
  • Add urgency popup coupon code
  • Auto-apply coupon code to the emails
  • Recover carts using cross-device rebuilding

Using the URL, the plugin finds it easy to capture the emails of the customers. There is also a lite version of this plugin. The premium features of the plugin help in capturing the emails early and helps in sending recovery text messages too. 


Starts from $40

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart is the next premium abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce. Using the plugin, you can recover multiple WooCommerce carts abandoned by your customers. 


  • Set timing to send cart abandonment mail to the customers
  • Gives a list of all abandoned carts
  • Creates customized emails to the users
  • Adds coupon codes for every drafted email

Through endless email campaigns, the customers will get notified about their abandoned carts. Added, it also sends next order coupons to make the possibility high. It gathers the mail addresses of both registered and guest users. 

Compared to all other premium plugins, YITH is a bit expensive as its features are worth the price. 


Free version with limited features is available. Pro version starts from $69/month

Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Reports for WooCommerce is a relatively popular WooCommerce abandoned cart report plugin known for its amazing cart recovery features. It is a pretty straightforward plugin that allows you to gather essential information within minutes. 


  • Using their built-in feature, you can keep track of the customers 
  • It helps in consolidating the percentage of carts completed, recovered, and abandoned. 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee for all purchases
  • Each cart status starts from the “ In progress” phase to the “Recovered/Abandoned” phase

When the customer doesn’t use their email address, the tool captures their IP address for future reference. When the same user comes for the purchase, it shows it as a completed purchase rather than making it as a first-time purchase. 


Paid plans are enlisted.

Personal – For 1 Store – $15/year

Business – Upto 3 Stores – $35/year

Agency – Upto 10 Stores – $145/year

Recart for Shopify – The New Ghost Monitor

Recart for Shopify comes under the list of best cart recovery app Shopify. It provides automated Facebook Messenger campaigns to recover abandoned carts. Rather than depending on the email campaigns, Recart for Shopify plugin focuses on reaching the customers through social media. 


  • Include coupon codes, order receipts, purchase follow-ups, etc. 
  • You can send SMS or recovery messages regarding their abandoned cart in Shopify stores.
  • It is a user-friendly plugin that is available for free to users. 
  • You can download the plugin and enjoy it for the first 90 days and make your decision. 


No free plans available. The paid version starts from $29/month

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, the abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce, is a time-tested and feature-rich plugin. It works with any WooCommerce supported theme. It traces the activities of both the registered and the guest users. 


  • Monitor and recover abandoned carts at ease
  • Works for simple and variable products
  • Automatic coupon code generation along with the email
  • Users click on the mail has been recorded

It constantly monitors the abandoned carts, sends automatic emails through customizable email templates, and gives sequenced mails at intervals. The follow-up mail also contains the coupon code that urges the customer to initiate their next purchase from your store. The plugin also has a manual mailing option and captures phone numbers to follow up manually. 


Starts from $49/month

Summing up

Every business put forth massive efforts and time to increase their revenue. Cart abandonment rate is the most important factor to consider earlier rather than depending on it later. When you decide to choose the right abandonment cart recovery plugin, keep this article for reference and make your move wiser when compared to your competitors. 

Use the right abandonment cart recovery plugin and worry not about your store’s revenue. 

After picking up the right plugin for your store successfully, do not forget to test it. Once everything goes well, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of the plugin. Cheers!