Top 6 Visitor Session Recording Tools For Tracking User Activities

Top 6 Visitor Session Recording Tools For Tracking User Activities

Using visitor session recording tools is one of the best modern methods that enable businesses and webmasters to track the activities of a user when he or she visits their websites. The tools also allow companies to analyze and understand what visitors are looking for when they visit a site.

Session recording tools record web visitors as they type, click, scroll, and move from one page to the other. To help you find the best tools to use with your ecommerce sites, we have reviewed the top five session recording tools that are currently available in the market.

A Review of 6 of the Best Session Recording Tools

1. HumCommerce

HumCommerce is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool. It provides behavioral analytics; visitor session recordings, abandoned cart reports, etc.,

With HumCommerce, you can record visitor sessions and observe how the visitors are using your website. Find the sections where your visitors are getting confused and optimize for conversion.

It also contains abandoned cart reports, which give details such as, how much value was lost to the abandoned cart, location of the visitor, their traffic source, etc. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, HumCommerce is a must have tool.

2. Hotjar

This is one of the most popular and well-known visitor session recording tools in the market today. The tool enables a webmaster to replay recordings of how a visitor navigated the website from one page to the other. It records clicks, taps, and all the cursor movements.

This tool allows the webmaster to add tags as he or she watches the recordings of the visitor session. The webmaster is also able to take and record notes of his or her observations. The tool is also able to share the recording with other people as well as filter the user activity based on pages, e.g. exit pages or landing pages.

Hotjar also has tools that enable the webmaster to create feedback polls, heatmaps, and customizable surveys.

3. Mouseflow

This tool is one of the tools that have been in the market for a long time. The tool enables the user to record and review activities such as clicks, scrolls, forms, and mouse movements. Mouseflow can also be used to come up with a heatmap that shows the user where his or her web visitors are interacting with the website.

This tool also comes with form analytics, which allows the user to see why the visitors abandon forms online. Mouseflow also enables the user to see how a visitor from various traffic sources interacts with the website.

4. Inspectlet

This tool is unique because it allows the users to enjoy services of recording and replaying up to 100 sessions monthly for free. In addition to having the same features as Hotjar and Mouseflow, it also has a function for eye tracking heatmaps.

Once you have recorded the visitor’s sessions with Inspectlet, it enables you to sort and filter the recordings based on aspects such as:

• Sessions from returning or new visitors

• Entry and exit pages

Using a single line of code, the webmaster is able to tell which specific user is being recorded. It also provides the user’s information that you can later follow up and find the users identification or their email address.

5. Smartlook

This tool records all the activities that a visitor undertakes in a website. Smartlook goes deep to record all the pages that a user visited in addition to showing the information that the users fill on any forms they filled. This tool also records the amount of time that a visitor spent on a particular page.

The recording from Smartlook can be sorted and filtered based on the webmaster’s preference. This tool also allows the webmaster to share the recordings with other people through links. Smartlook users can record sessions of unlimited website domains.

6. SessionCam

This visitor session recording tool enables the webmaster to record sessions and replay them later. The unique thing about this tool is that it has a feature that allows its user to view live recordings of visitors when they are in session.

SessionCam also has a real-time API feed that can be utilized to pass out the information and data about the visitors to other departments for analysis and follow up. The users can also use this real-time API to basket abandonment campaigns.

SessionCam uses an advanced algorithm that can detect the visitor struggle. The algorithm uses the data collected to come up with a customer struggle score. The score is unique for each recording and is capable of providing data that owners of e-commerce sites could use to improve their sites’ performance. After purchasing this tool, you will enjoy the first 50 recordings and replays free of charge.


Although most of the products reviewed above have similar features, some of them have features that are customizable according to the specific needs of the users. Session recording tools are critical to the survival of a website, especially when the site is used to facilitate an ecommerce business.

These tools enable the business to analyze various aspects of their websites and to see if some of the strategies the firm is engaging in are paying off. From the information collected by these tools, the business owner is able to understand his or her customers’ behaviors and tune their products towards that behavior.