Upgrade your parents' web browser

Up with Web Standards – Upgrade Your Parent’s Web Browser on Friday

On November 23, 20111 Comment

At SlideDeck we believe that standards-based is the only way to build accessible online products and services that run across platforms, connect with other Web services and, most importantly, are accessible to all users on the Web. Unfortunately, the makers of the Web browsers of yore (ahem, IE6) didn’t hold standards in such high regard. And while the rest of the Web has moved forward, there is a small percentage of users who are still using outdated Web browsers.

Who are those people? There’s a good chance that they’re your parents. So SlideDeck is joining the movement to make this Friday, November 25th, Upgrade Your Parents’ Browser Day.

If you’re home this Thanksgiving Holiday, consider lending a helping hand to Web standards by upgrading your parents’ browser. Instead of hitting the malls at 4am or languishing in your food coma all day, simply pop on to Mom and Dad’s computer, and update their browser. They’re helpless without you – but you have the power to take them from IE6 to IE9. Or switch them to Firefox or Chrome. Replace that dusty IE6 desktop shortcut with a shiny new standards-friendly one. They might not notice, they might not thank you, but we will. And you’ll be doing your part to make the Web a better, standards-based place for all of us.

Upgrade your parents' web browser

So this Thanksgiving, do your part and upgrade your parents’ browser. And while you’re at it, have a Happy Thanksgiving. For all of our international friends and customers, enjoy your weekend, we’ll be off gorging ourselves, grateful to have you as customers, users and friends. If you find yourself visiting your parents, do a quick check on their computer and upgrade them. It wouldn’t hurt if you removed some of those AOL desktop shortcuts while you’re at it, either.

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