The biggest characteristic of being a local business is that you have a better connect with the neighbourhood. Local businesses symbolize the community. They generate local employment and tend to offer more personalized services as opposed to large retail chains. However, in this era of competition, to sustain your local business and thrive in the community, you need to be visible and updated with the latest trends. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a good business website.

WordPress offers a comprehensive and contemporary platform to create a stunning business website. Not only does it provide the basic framework required for a website, but also equips you with a range of plugins to ensure security, ranking, SEO and many more functionalities. Hence, it can offer a number of benefits for a local business.

Advantages of WordPress for Doing Business Locally


WordPress is one of the most cost-effective options to create a website. You will need to spend on a domain name and a hosting service, all of which totals to less than $100 a year depending on the service that you use and the plans you purchase. This is particularly useful if you’re a small business who’s just taking off.

Ease of Use

This is the second most important benefit for a local business. WordPress offers complete ease of use with a simple and straightforward backend that enables you to create a basic website without any knowledge of coding. You can consider hiring the services of a developer to add more features or effects, but it is great to get your website up and running in a short time.

Highly Customizable

WordPress is very flexible and customizable when it comes to the design, layout and even URLs of your website. You can personalize premium WordPress themes depending on their functionalities. You can add pages, change the layout, add slides, menus, images and a do a lot more. Similarly, WordPress also allows you to customize the URL, also called permalink, of a webpage. This is beneficial for SEO purposes as it helps your website rank better for relevant keywords. Also, having a highly-customizable website allows you to design it in a way that caters to the local community and manages to forge a connection.

Highly Scalable

As your business grows, you might add more products, features or functionalities on your website. With WordPress, it becomes an easy task to integrate more elements in a quick and simple manner. Traditional websites created on other frameworks have to go through an extensive process of redesigning to inculcate new changes or developments. In comparison, WordPress is very user-friendly.

Easy to Update Regularly

WordPress makes it simple for you to add content to your website within minutes. It requires zero coding; you just need to type in your text and then add the images or videos that you want. You can even integrate YouTube videos into your website to enhance its appeal. The best part is that you can keep your website updated in terms of information and keywords all by yourself.

Great for Search Engine Rankings

Owing to the high customizability of URLs and web pages, it comes as no surprise that WordPress is a search engine favourite. You can increase your website’s ranking quite easily by updating content quickly, adding keywords to permalinks, adding various types of media, using a host of SEO plugins, creating strong backlinks or adding more users as content contributors to your site without any strong coding knowledge.

Plugins Make Your Life Easier

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is the sheer number of plugins that it offers. You can choose from a range of free, paid and premium WordPress plugins depending on your requirement of features and functionalities. If you are new to website design or development, then you can simply use plugins to get the job done.

Parting Thoughts

WordPress is a very popular CMS and hence, help is always at hand owing to a large community of users, developers and designers who are ready to offer their assistance. Additionally, WordPress offers comprehensive documentation, strong support and regular updates with every theme or plugin. Because of its simplicity and true user-friendliness, WordPress is a great option to build your local business website.

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