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Video Walk-through: Installing & Integrating SlideDeck Lite

On December 13, 20107 Comments

If you’re not familiar with the way that JavaScript libraries (like SlideDeck) work, it might be helpful to take a look at the following video. In this video I explain what all the included SlideDeck Lite files do, and show you how to integrate SlideDeck into your own page/site. I just cover the basics, but if you’re a bit lost after downloading Lite this should help.

Let me know how the videos are coming along. Are they helpful? Is there something in particular you’d like to see a video on? Be heard in the comments section below as your feedback is key!

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    This is great, but where are instructions for embedding a slide deck in WordPress? I’ve looked everywhere. Can’t seem to find a tutorial and there are no instructions within WordPress itself other than, “now it’s time to install it into a post.” How???



      Hi Kathy,
      I don’t think we have a screencast on that specific topic right now, but this one shows you how to install it: and then there should be a purple “Insert SlideDeck” button in the WordPress interface that will show a list of your created decks.



    thx from an absolute JS-dummY
    Very helpful, thank you for this tutorial.


    Kevin Getch

    Thanks for this tutorial. I had everything correct except I was calling the javascript file to high in the head.



    Thanks a lot for this video tutorial 🙂