Smart SlideDecks are our most popular type of SlideDeck with the WordPress plugin. There is a lot you can do with a Smart SlideDeck, now more than ever with our latest release. In this video, I walk you through the customization options available to you for your Smart SlideDeck.

Let me know what you thought of the video, and leave and feedback/requests in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  1. Brett Bumeter
    Brett Bumeter says:

    In lite or pro can I add a Page to a Featured lists in a smart slide deck?

    I see the check box option on pages, but when I go to build a smart slide deck it only allows the inclusion of posts not pages.


  2. John
    John says:

    I’m new to WordPress, so I’m confused about the “compatibility” issue.

    I have v. 3.2.1 installed, but because Smart SlideDeck is compatible only up to 3.1.4, I get the “This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress” warning.

    I’m confused because your plugin’s most recent update was just a few days ago, but 3.1.2 was released last month. So does this mean Smart SlideDeck will not work in 3.2.1? Or is it that 3.2.1 is too recent and it’s just not been tested yet? If so, who does the testing and when will I know it’s safe to use?


  3. Anastasia V. Pergakis
    Anastasia V. Pergakis says:

    Hi. I’ve been trying to find a plubin that will display my featured posts in a nice little slider on my front page. Yours is the 3rd one I’ve tried – the free version that is.

    I’m confused on how to get this to work for custom post types? I see the options to add a regular post to a slide deck show up on the right hand side of the edit/create screen. However, it is not there for my custom post types at all. How can I get this to work for my custom post types?

    Thank you.

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      Hi Anastasia, we do allow custom post types, but that is a PRO feature only. If you upgrade to the PRO version you will see any custom post type you have created that is not private listed as an option to populate your SlideDeck.

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      Hi Brian,
      The captions are actually generated from the posts in WordPress. That’s where the images come from too; it’s all automated.

  4. Dane
    Dane says:

    I love the idea of the Smart SlideDeck. I want to use the smart slide deck to display a featured video, however. (Whether from YouTube, Vimeo, or uploaded and embedded). Is there a simple modification that will pull in a featured video from the post (on the right) and display the featured text next to it?

  5. jon
    jon says:

    I’m just looking for some basic info on getting started, pretty overwhelming so far, I’ve never seen a plugin interface so complicated looking, don’t even know where to start, kinda drowning in advanced options, (kinda reminds me of tdo mini forms!) could someone point me to square 1?

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    Just paid for the upgrade and not too impressed with the resultant “smart slidedeck”. I’ve used the free version of the standard slidedeck a couple of times and decided to take the plunge, however – it’s not picking up text placed into the Excerpt of the post, there’s no way to order the posts – it just uses the most recently published post plus the filter I setup. I cannot find anywhere where I can change “Featured Posts” to read something of value to my client, nor remove date posted.

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      Hi Susan,
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re not impressed with the PRO version. For the excerpt, SlideDeck actually processes its own excerpt in an effort to maintain a good layout and a standard look across posts. We know that not everyone uses the excerpt field and it seemed safer to use the post content. If this is a feature you’d like to see, then the best place to post is here. While custom ordering of Smart SlideDecks has been considered in the past, it’s not something that we’ve put a high priority on as most users want the most recent posts to show up in their deck.

  7. jon
    jon says:

    The problem is you have assumed we aren’t already using Featured or Sticky posts. Your plugin when set to Featured, doesn’t just pull in the specific posts I have labeled as Featured via SlideDeck toggle, it pulls in all of my Sticky posts (Classipress).

    Better to be able to use a custom post type or tag maybe?

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      Hi Jon,
      I’m not familiar with Classipress, but we’ll look into it. It sounds like it could be a conflict of some sort. We support custom post types and categories, but not tags. In a possibly related note, I do see a bug fix related to sticky posts in our bug tracking system, so a fix is in the works. I’d suggest trying the “Recent Posts” from a certain category option as that’s the easiest to setup and test.

  8. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    Is there a way to rearrange or set priority for posts. For example, I want recent posts to be feeding the slidedeck, but once in a while I would like a “featured” or “sticky” post to take priority over all recent posts. Is that possible?

    • Jamie
      Jamie says:

      Hi Ricky,
      At this point I don’t think this is possible, but if this is something that you’re interested in, I urge you to create an “Idea” topic in our support forum. Usually, as long as it’s a feature that many people want we consider adding it to the plugin. I will also make sure our dev team sees your idea/suggestion.


  9. Jules
    Jules says:

    (i recently posted this comment/question under a different (unrelated) blog post – foolishly)

    I recently found SlideDeck (using the WP Plugin) and tried the free version out on my site, and I love it. It adds a great element of intuitive interface, and allows me to simplify and present content in a streamlined platform.
    I am happy to see such an active and engaged development team! That really stands out for me.
    I will likely be buying a licence for 50 for my digital media company, but I have one question/concern about the Smart SlideDeck:
    The “Read More” link only appears on some news post slides, on some the post text just continues until the bottom of the slide. Am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jules
      Jules says:

      Jamie replied on my other post:
      Hi Jules,
      What you’re seeing is the excerpt text getting cut off. To remedy this we made the excerpt length adjustable, and there are two settings. For each Smart SlideDeck you can choose how many words are shown before the read more link when there’s an image and when there is no image.

      January 18, 2011 at 1:47 pm

      Thanks again Jamie!

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