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Lenses are highly-crafted preset styles to make your content look great. Use them right out of the box or choose from a host of customizable parts to tailor them for your site.

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  • 18 high-quality lenses

    We currently have 18 stunning lenses to choose from and will be adding more in the near future.

  • Responsive sliders in any dimension

    Our Lenses work at virtually any size, and are responsive for use on touchscreen & mobile devices.

  • Lazy Loading

    On-Demand Loading - SlideDeck loads your content as-needed. Create dozens of slides, with no impact on page loading speed.

Fashion Lens
Some of Our Lenses
  • Fashion
  • Tool Kit
  • Block Title
  • Classic
  • Half-Moon
  • O-Town
  • Reporter


Choose the position of the caption, customize the length or turn them off all together.

Flexible Toolkit Lens

You can customize the Toolkit Lens to match the look and feel of virtually any site design.

Reporter Lens

Choose from 3 preset sizes or use your own custom dimensions for the height and width of your slider. Read More →

Classic SD Lens

Back by popular demand, we recently added the Classic SlideDeck lens with spines. Read More →

Slide Content Two easy, powerful methods

Dynamic Source

Display content from your favorite external sources

Supported Content Sources
A SlideDeck Sources Need another source? Let us know which ones you want most. Contact us →

Generate your SlideDeck in seconds by dynamically pulling content from external sources like Youtube, Facebook, NextGen Gallery, or Flickr. Better yet, your SlideDeck will automatically stay up-to-date!

Custom Content

Perfect for homepages, product tours and presentations

Multiple custom slide types
A  SlideDeck Custom Slide Types

Build and curate your SlideDeck from scratch. Easily flow in images, videos, simple text or even your own HTML code. Ideal for customized layouts and rich interactivity, where greater control is needed.

Variable Content Lengths

Custom lengths for title, content, excerpt or hide them all together.

Pull from users, your likes, favorites and more

You can fetch your favorite photos from 500px, your curated YouTube playlists, and more.

Start and end your decks with beautiful Covers

Slidedeck covers will add a great beginning and end slide to your slider to add a professional and beautiful touch.

Mix & mash your content

Combine content from multiple sources like YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, and your own RSS feeds, into one dynamic slider.


Admin panel options

Tailor everything to your style

Nearly everything involved in your slider is up for grabs in SlideDeck. Modify text content, navigation, transitions and many other elements of your deck easily in a beautiful user interface.

  • Navigation Options

    Choose navigation styles from thumbnails, dots, and dates, titles, etc as well as several arrow options.

  • Transitions & Effects

    Transition effects, Speed, auto-play interval, loop slides, randomize slide order.

  • Custom Fonts

    Choose from standard webfonts and a variety of Google fonts for your slides. View fonts→

  • Interactions

    Show slide controls in a variety of ways and also use social sharing overlays to easily share your slider content.

  • New

    CSS Editor

    Easily customize each deck with your own CSS styles.

Place SlideDecks anywhere

Slidedeck works anywhere on your WordPress site and it's incredibly simple to implement. It works great in full-size applications like homepages, product tours and portfolios, as well as scaled down in sidebar and footer widgets.

Three ways to publish

Use your favorite decks in new & existing Posts or Pages with just a click

Create your SlideDeck and start a Page or Post from right there

Developers, you can drop our shortcodes right into your theme files

Awesome Support. Frequent Updates & New Features

A premium WordPress plugin that's always improving.

SlideDeck support is available directly from the developers who built it. We're also constantly designing new lenses, adding additional sources and features.

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