2013 SlideDeck Features

Weigh In: What Do You Want to See from SlideDeck in 2013?

On February 6, 201340 Comments

2013 SlideDeck FeaturesAfter a busy 2012 in which we shipped  32 updates, the SlideDeck team is geared up for a big 2013! And as we get ready for our first major releases of the year we want to hear from you. Tell us what you’d like to see make it into SlideDeck. We’ll use your feedback to help shape our roadmap and ensure that SlideDeck is the product you want and need.

Of course, we have a few ideas of our own, and we have some exciting announcements about planned new features and functionality coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more on that front.

So what will SlideDeck look like in 2013? Help us define the future. Take a minute to fill out this one-field form with your comment or suggestion. We (Jason and Morgan) will review every one with our engineers (Dave, John and Jamie) and prioritize, scope and build out the ones that will make SlideDeck better.

Help make SlideDeck Better(Requires a login – if you don’t have access to SlideDeck 2 support, just leave a comment!)

Just to sweeten the pot a bit, we’ll give away three free copies of our premium lens packs to three lucky commenters. Just a little something to say thanks for the effort.

By the way, have you heard about DT Labs? It’s a place for you to help us determine the future design standards of the Web, and there’s even a sneak preview at what SlideDeck’s future could look like in there. Enter the Lab, and become a Design Scientist!

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    Hi all

    We’ve combed through the comments in this thread, and true to form, you guys have contributed some *awesome* ideas.

    Congratulations to Mike, SiteSubscribe and Caroline – you guys have each won yourselves a free Premium Lenses pack! (We’ll email you to provide the downloads).

    Thanks to everyone to chimed in – we’ll have exciting news for you all very soon, so watch this space!



    Would love to see two new additions:

    a) when clicking images in the slider (if using the slider as a gallery slider of sorts), that they pop up in an englarged version on the screen.

    b) add more options to share a slider on social media. How about Pinterest? Instagram? Even an option to share via old school email would be very useful.



    I would like to clarify my comment about wanting slide-animation features similar to LayerSlider, if I could.

    I feel that this feature would allow for more versatility, dynamic and overall enhance the end-user experience. It would allow us to create something pretty cool without having to use flash, video, etc.



    I think it would be great to have slide-animation features similar to the LayerSlider.



    For me, the ability to be able to change some basic settings, especially on the classic slide, without needing to code CSS or use the HTML element – such as changing the background colours on a slide, being able to change picture sizes, and that sort of thing. Slidedeck 1 actually had the ability to flip between HTML and text on the editing side (much like a WordPress post) and that worked very well. I’ve never quite understood why that feature was taken away as it brings in a lot more flexibility.

    Also, the ability to hyperlink to a slide easily. Right now the workaround doesn’t work so well and it’s quite difficult.



    Someone left this comment below and I’d just like to second it:

    Currently you can ‘duplicate’ one slider and it’ll keep its settings, but if that current slider already has tons of images, it’s cumbersome.

    SWIPE GESTURE – YES, please!

    Other than that, great product guys!


    Vince Rooney

    Please add the Ken Burns effect similar to the Wow Slider. Maybe some more variations of it. It’s great for display “food”.





    A commenting system where comments can be separate per slide! (Does this already exist?)


    Joel J.

    In the Follow Me Widget, please add the option of “open in a new window.”

    Thank you.


    Daniel McClure

    I only got the plugin recently so forgive me if I’ve missed it, however the sliders I’ve seen don’t seem to slide if I swipe using an iPad/iPhone. This would be a great addition! Also the ability to create full page sliders, again not had a chance to fully test this yet, however there are a few more visual projects I work on that would really appreciate this.

    Thanks for considering!



    Soundcloud as a dynamic source?



    We just bought this and started using it. Love it so far. One thing that would really catapult it to the next level is the combination/bridging of dynamic and custom content.



    It would be great to have slide decks that are designed for under 300px. We use in sidebars a lot, and it works OK, but not great. I LOVE the way the little examples look in the set up, but when I use those lenses, they don’t look like the samples.


    Joe Banks

    We’ve been having a lot of fun testing out the possibilities, but for now, practically speaking from a multisite perspective, we simply want to enter the code once for each of our WPMS installations.


    Paal Joachim Romdahl

    I have still not decided if I want to purchase SlideDeck 2, as I have tested the Lite version which is very much a buy now promo for SlideDeck 2.

    I am giving feedback to various slide creators as I test their products. I also gave feedback through the support thread on your lite version.

    One thing I am unclear about. For instance LayerSlider WP has the ability to create multiple sublayers. One background image for instance, draggable text to be placed where ever the used wants to and other sublayers. Does SlideDeck 2 have draggable layers similar to what I have just described?

    I would like to beta test the next version of your product.

    Have a great day!



      Hi Paal

      No, SlideDeck doesn’t currently have draggable layers, although if enough people have a compelling use case for it, we’d definitely be open to investigating this.



    I’d like to see Ken Burns style zoom effects added as an option. Panning and zooming is a great way of adding visual interest and movement to a static image.

    Meanwhile, keep up the good work and keep it flexible.



    I would like to see the ability to add photos or video and text together on a slide that I can customize. I would like to add hyperlinks to the text as well.


    Jacques Surveyer

    Something like the WunderSlider of iiThinx which matches much of Slide Deck but supports nextgenGallery and in neat fashion

    Also Canyon’s Royal slider with it multi-layer images with animation is very attractive for some clients

    Move in either or both of these directions and you will have my attention.




      Thanks Jacques!

      Yes, we definitely took a good look at the types of parallax effects that LayerSlider offers, and while they can look very cool, we were having a hard time envisioning a use case where such effects would really be necessary from a usability perspective.

      As for NextGen Gallery support, we hear ya loud and clear – this is under active discussion on this end! =)



    I would like to see more “product slider” options. The ability to slide between products without feeling like the page of the slider has changed. This would allow you to see at least 3 products at a time without having to click on the title bar before seeing what’s behind it.



    I’d like to see an option to auto play video and advance to next slide after video ends. Could have used that feature in 2012. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings!



    I became a slideDecker last year and now use slides all over my site – love them!!!

    Other than in the main HTML slide, Kindly consider having on-hover slide-out as an options for ad placements and inclusion of other elements such as ‘related galleries’, polls to help us better compete with other media-heavy websites such as the entertainment mags and newsies like huffpost. Would be great to see that in 2013!

    Meanwhile, awesome work guys!!!



    More minimal style lenses, full page sliders (to slide page content).



      Thanks Chris for the suggestion. We’ve talked a lot about both internally. Great to hear some validation from outside the building. The minimal themes is something we’re evaluating now.


    Chris M.

    You guys make a killer product, thank you! As a response to your question, I would personally like to see a less bulky admin interface for the SlideDeck administration pages. The graphics intense UI makes loading slow and pulls away focus from areas of high importance to areas of low importance.



      Thanks Chris – great suggestion. We want it to be intuitive, but performance is key to usability so we’ll definitely look at that.


    Matt Pritchett

    WPMS integration. Meaning – install and activate system wide, one time entering the activation code.


    Stacey Schultz

    I use this for my portfolio of design projects. I’d like to see a feature that allows me to display two series of thumbnails. The main slideshow would feature one image from each project and have a unique associated secondary slideshow from which they could see multiple images of whatever project they are viewing from the main slideshow.



    Minimal lens and options within existing lenses to turn off all elements (nav, etc.). Such options exist for some but not all elements. Currently using CSS to hide unwanted elements (a pain across multiple client sites).



      Great feedback. Thanks. We’ve talked a lot about this internally. We really want to make this developer-friendly, and realize that there are some things that we don’t make very easy on you. We’ll definitely put this on the table.



    I would like to see global editing of a slidedeck or the ability to copy set up from one to the other. I.e. If I want all of my slides to not have captions, one click and captions are removed on all slides. It would be so helpful for when my client wants to change all the slidedecks all at once.



    I’d like to see some more support and documentation for SlideDeck 2 developers, or a developer center. I’m guessing (and could be wrong) that SlideDeck got an initial boost from people heavy in the WordPress development community, admittedly, I started with Slidedeck when it was primarily JS and did not have as robust of an Admin UI. The Admin UI is awesome and my clients absolutely love its simplicity and power, and I love the flexibility of trusting that I can use Slidedeck 2 on a client’s site and they will be equipped to take over.

    But, somewhere in the pursuit of delivering the robust admin UI, I think that the focus on developers was lost and this is especially true in the documentation areas. The doc center now mostly focuses on pretty standard questions, “Q: How do I turn off the social media overlay? A: Click ‘off’ under ‘Overlay Settings,'” without very much for lens developers or developers supporting client sites. So, this isn’t so much of a new feature of Slidedeck — frankly, I think you guys have that covered with the most robust and powerful slider platform available for WordPress — but it is a plead to have more complete documentation and an improved focus on the Slidedeck developer role. That being said, if there is a robust development area for Slidedeck and I have missed it, by all means correct me.

    Looking forward to what Slidedeck brings for 2013.




      Thanks so much for this comment. It’s funny, as we had much the same conversation yesterday among the team. We know there is a lot to be done around the documentation and features that make it a preferred tool for developers, not just one that is easy to use, but makes customizations and other dev tasks a major headache.

      You should know that everyone on the team has read this (and the other) comments and are all nodding our head over here. We’ll be working on making SlideDeck as friendly for developers as it is for end users this year.

      Thanks again for weighing in. We really appreciate the candid feedback.



      Hey Mike

      Just to let you know, we took your awesome feedback to heart – behold the new SlideDeck 2 Codex!





    It would be nice to have more options like layerslider, I like the transactions from them. But I like the good integration with wordpress from slidedeck 2 :D, so would be nice to have both!


    Kathy Kolb

    We just bought the SlideDeck2 for Wp and really like it. We got the upgrades and lens. We have a lot of Drupal sites, too. How about a Drupal version?

    Kathy Kolb