Why You Should Use Impact Font for Your WordPress Website?

Why You Should Use Impact Font for Your WordPress Website?

Fonts have always been very cautious for your websites and designs in numerous ways. If choosing the right font can bring a lot of attributes and advantages to your website, then picking the wrong font can turn those advantages into disadvantages. If you have a WordPress website and you are confused about which font you should take in, let’s have a detailed discussion in this guide.

Impact Font, a sans-serif typeface, has been acknowledged worldwide for a long time. In 1965, the font was created, and after several decades this font is still the talk of the town. Geoffrey Lee, a New York typeface designer, gave shape to this font and released it through England Foundry Stephenson Blake.

It is one of the worth considering fonts that you can think about choosing for your WordPress site. The question is why one should go for Impact font instead of other numerous available fonts? Let’s talk about it below.

Importance of Impact Font

The importance and popularity of the Impact font started soon after it was released. It remained a standout font from the start; that’s why it was one of the highly acknowledged and highly adored fonts. Due to its thick letters and big strokes, every designer made this typeface their first choice.

Impact Font was generated in a time when there was the end of metal type. This font is the last font of Stephenson Blake that he designed in metal. Due to the high demand for this font, its variation was produced with the name Impact Wide. It is immensely used for Headings and Headers due to bold characters.

Many people might not be aware of the fact that this font is used on numerous memes that you see on social media often. From there, it also gained much popularity and fame.

Why to Use Impact Font in WordPress Site?

All the WordPress users know the struggle behind selecting the right font that makes their website look stand out and gives a tough competition to their competitors. Selecting a font is not a matter of seconds as it takes a real struggle and experience to get hands-on a perfect one.

The wrong selection can bring a lot of undesired results that you might not be ready for. However, the question here is, what Specialty Impact font holds that make it worth considering for WordPress sites? Let’s put a light on this point in detail.

1- It is Easy to Read

If you have a bit knowledge of typefaces, you would surely be familiar that sans-serif fonts are known for being easy to read and understand typefaces. The same is the case with the Impact font. Its bold letters and tall x-height make it easy and straightforward to understand, which has increased its demand.

Apart from that, Impact font is known for being the most appropriate typeface used on the header, so you can consider it for your WordPress site’s header. Other than that, using it on Headings and places where you want your user’s attention will go best and suitable. It is the foremost reason that tells why Impact font should be used on WordPress sites.

2- It Has an Extended Usage

One of the best things about this font is, it is versatile and has been used on numerous platforms for a long time. It doesn’t matter on which niche you have made a WordPress site; you can always go for this font. Impact font has been used for Educational purposes, Entertainment, Internet memes, Headings, and many other platforms.

Hence, you have many choices when we talk about the usage of impact font. Furthermore, for Display, it is highly admired for all the right reasons.

3- It has a Large Family

Impact Font is a large extended sans-serif family that comprises many fonts, styles, and weights, making it an ideal and the most suitable choice to be applied. A few styles of Impact font that you can consider for your site include Impact Bold Italic, Impact Semibold Italic, Impact Light Italic, Impact Ultra Italic, Impact Heavy Italic, and a few more.

In short, it is a versatile font that you can use in your sites in numerous ways, and this is what makes a font worth appreciating and worth noticing.

4- It Gives Professional Touch

Being an owner of a professional website, you should always be concerned about the fonts you choose. It is heedful to use those fonts that give a professional vibe so that they can attract more and more users. Impact font is a professional typeface that you can completely rely on in order to make professional sites.

It is inevitably one of the best typefaces of the Sans-serif font family that has been the first choice for many decades. Hence, you can completely consider this typeface for your WordPress site.


It takes experience and struggles to know which font goes best on which platform because practice makes the man perfect. However, being a WordPress user, we suggest you use the Impact font that was created many years ago. Since then, many designers have used it excessively for their designs.

The font came on the surface in those times when metal type was facing their rough time; that’s why it has a huge worth. I have mentioned those points that depict why Impact font is ideal for this site. I hope this guide will help you to make the final choice.