WordPress 5.0: All You Need to Know

WordPress 5.0: All You Need to Know

After seeing much success coming through the ratings and statistics in the form of revenue and profit generated through the Black Friday event last month, WordPress has yet more to offer. Generally, WordPress would make two releases per annum, but considering the deadline pressure, WordPress has removed the obligation of following it. We have got WordPress 5.0

They consider that a deadline pressurizes them more, creating a new feature available in the market but does not contribute qualitatively enough. After a long time of keeping developers waiting for the next best thing, WordPress has released its version 5.0, and it is kicking it in the market.

A few significant changes vibrant in WordPress 5.0 is a more intuitive web builder, WordPress Rest API, more comfortable custom theme builder, and few changes in the WordPress plug-ins. The update features many changes in the interface as well as the developing method. According to experts, after a whole year of the same experience, it is about time that WordPress launched something that could make a difference.

Recent Changes:

WordPress has been the favorite platform for countless individuals, organizations and companies that have been using its services to gain online audiences. The minor updates through the 4.0 series have been bringing about small changes and preview of what future developments could bring about.

From networking enhancements to allowing its users the ability to schedule posts until later dates, you could see WordPress making small steps towards the bigger jump. The 4.8 updates brought along with it the innovation of adding images to your widgets. Giving users more customizing options that brought a creative touch to the interface.

A few critical upgrades came along with the 4.9 WordPress update, officially known as the ‘Tipton’ update that featured some of the latest SEO tools embedded inside it. You could schedule updated designs and changes to your sites to launch at specific times and dates to match UX strategy.

Update and Changes:

Since it is a significant release, those who do not have a hosting management service right now will have to create a backup for their WordPress data before updating. We recommend backups following the security risks. However, once you do get it updated, make yourself familiar with the new editor that goes by the name of Gutenberg that is the innovation experts were finding WordPress to be lacking in.

Following the recent developments in the free market and the kind of competitors WordPress has, the previous interface of the editor restricted users to certain limitations that you could not cross. However, Gutenberg is a block-based editor that offers several different options for layouts and designs using blocks.

Better than Before:

Simply put, the previous interface lacked in efficiency and providing the compact portable experience to the users. You would have to go through a number of steps to add images to the site pages and create galleries. Content elements were comparatively challenging to integrate into the site, but in the 5.0 update, you can access and edit all those points of the site by selecting their blocks.

After selection, you can have the choice to put any sort of content in place and manipulate it to your consent.
The best reason people use WordPress is to avoid coding, and this is precisely what the developers targeted in this update. You can now find yourself on a real-time page that has Gutenberg offer you multiple tools and options to edit blocks of data, changing the overall design of the page consequently to make your website a lot more engaging than before. You can have all sorts of data shared on your site using the block-based interface system in the update.

Simplicity and Elegance:

WordPress has also worked on its shortcuts and accessibility, making the editor broader and accessible through the toolbars you get on the side. Although many software like Adobe has used the feature, it still provides a better handle on things. The options menu in each window has been customized to fit the comfortable theme that aims at delivering the privilege to enter shortcodes and embed widgets in your site without having to change the whole site.

WordPress sliders are still available for use, and a lot of developers recommend them. If you find the sidebar and the toolbars distracting and too much, you can hide them and go full-screen to have a clear sight of your project. Whether your site’s niche is about catching cheating spouses or training dogs, you can find the relevant themes and tools to complete the project while being able to edit and manage it on the go.

Site Building:

Site building pack is the cornerstone of any site builder. In the current market competition, WordPress owns the dominant market share of theme packs. WordPress 5.0 brings a new range of theme packs for its developers which eases up their difficulty. Along with customer satisfaction.

WordPress uses this tactic to maintain its share against the high risk of hosting website builder. Not only the theme packs available at the font of Gutenberg but also the custom WordPress theme development has been made more accessible for such users who have no or the least exposure to the knowledge of developing. Owing to blocks in this regard, the users will now be able to build a custom theme with no experience of developing.

The Block:

Block might be a new feature for users, but you explore through it once you become comfortable with it. Gutenberg’s right main tray contains two basic options: document and block. Users are typically acquainted with the document option, but a block is a new option in this version of WordPress 5. 0. Block contains templates for each section of the website to build, which broadens the choice of developing that post.

Text Styling:

To enhance the experience of the user, Gutenberg, along with pre-defined templates, offers a text styling option to match the needs of the user. Font size, style, alignment, and other text-related editing options are a part of the new WordPress 5.0.

Live HTML Preview:

Another new feature of WordPress 5.0 is that it allows a Live HTML Preview which simplifies the HTML coding on the developing web page. The custom box in this feature allows you to insert any HTML code on the web page and preview it while editing.

Built-in Buttons:

Built-in buttons give web page the shape it requires. It has the drag and drop option which allows the user to develop the web page as they wish. Along with these buttons, select social media buttons and blocks are also introduced to fit them according to the developing sense easily.

Front-end Editor:

There is extensive use of Front-end editor in WordPress, but with Gutenberg, users can have an experience of built-in lightweight and fast front-end editor. They are really helpful for basic formatting and customization but lacks the advanced features of editing which other websites provide for a price.

Twenty Nineteen Theme:

The focus of WordPress developers was to optimize the experience for mobile users. The twenty nineteen theme is fully responsive in the Gutenberg along with the previous themes.

Conclusion on WordPress 5.0:

Lastly, WordPress 5.0 is rated with Grade A and 94 points. The developers aimed to build a fast website, and Gutenberg stands with a loading time of 875ms. The 4.9.8 version of WordPress was rated Grade B with loading speed average 1.5s. Meaning, you can have everything you need in one window to make a gorgeous website that is fully equipped with the optimized features of the future.

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