10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins Compared In 2019

10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins Compared In 2019

Looking for the best WordPress popup plugins? In this post, we’ve collected and compared 10 great options. Enjoy!

1. Elementor Pro Popup Builder

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder that lets you build your content using visual drag-and-drop editing. If you purchase the paid version – Elementor Pro – you also get access to a powerful Popup Builder tool.

Here’s why that’s unique:

While a lot of WordPress popup plugins start with popups in mind and add limited builder functionality after, Elementor started with a powerful content editor and then added the popup functionality.

The upshot is that you have a lot more flexibility for building custom popups than you have with most other tools.

Elementor Pro’s Popup Builder lets you create:

  • Modal popups
  • Full-screen overlays
  • Top or bottom notification bars
  • Fly-in/slide-ins

To get started with this WordPress Popup Plugins, you can either begin from a blank canvas or choose from one of the 100+ included popup templates.

While building your popup, you’ll be able to use any Elementor widget, including widgets for:

  • Forms – email opt-ins, contact, login, you name it…
  • Countdown timers
  • Buttons
  • Etc.

Elementor WordPress Popup Plugins

Then, you’ll be able to set up:

  • Targeting conditions – target specific pages, post types, categories, etc.
  • Trigger rules – trigger by page load, click, exit intent, scroll, inactivity, etc.

You can also create more advanced rules, like:

  • After X page views or sessions
  • Referral URL targeting
  • Device targeting – for example, you might not want to display popups to mobile visitors
  • Logged-in status targeting

Price: $49 for access to all Elementor Pro features, including Popup Builder

2. Popup Maker

Popup Maker is the most popular free WordPress popup plugin at WordPress.org. If you need more functionality, there are also a variety of premium extensions that you can add on to the free core plugin.

Unlike Elementor Pro, Popup Maker does not give you a visual drag-and-drop interface to build your popups. Instead, you’ll build your popups in an interface that looks a lot like the classic WordPress editor.

WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Maker lets you create a variety of popup types, including:

  • Modal popups
  • Top or bottom notification bars
  • Lightboxes
  • Slide-outs
  • Floating sticky popups

One of the areas this plugin excels is its targeting conditions. You can target by:

  • Specific content (pages, categories, etc.)
  • Device
  • Referral URL
  • User status – e.g. logged in, user role, has left a comment.
  • Your own custom functions

You can also set up trigger conditions like on-click, scroll depth, time, and exit intent (though some require a premium extension) using this WordPress popup plugins. And you can also add your own cookies to control the repeated display for popups.

Price: Free core version. Individual premium extensions or purchase a bundle for $192

3. Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a WordPress popup plugin from Brainstorm Force, makers of the popular Astra theme.

Using a visual drag-and-drop editor, it lets you customize a variety of popup types including:

  • Popups
  • Notification bars
  • Welcome mats
  • Slide-ins
  • Full-screen popups

WordPress Popup Plugins

Once you’ve built your popup, you can choose its trigger and targeting rules.

The available triggers include:

  • Time
  • Scroll depth
  • Inactivity
  • Exit intent

And you’ll also get a good number of targeting options, including:

  • Page-level
  • Referrer
  • Device
  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Logged-in users
  • Custom cookies

Price: $99

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster isn’t technically just a WordPress popup plugin. Rather, it’s a standalone SaaS tool that you can use with any type of website. However, it started as a WordPress plugin and still maintains a dedicated WordPress plugin, so it deserves a spot on this list.

Thanks to a recent change, OptinMonster now includes a drag-and-drop popup builder to let you customize your popups, as well as some pre-built templates to give you a good foundation.

optinmonster WordPress Popup Plugins

From there, you can use detailed display rules to control exactly where your popup displays. And then you’ll also be able to use similarly detailed trigger rules to control when it displays, including exit intent.

One thing to consider with OptinMonster is the price, though. Unlike a WordPress plugin, you’ll need to pay an ongoing fee for as long as you want to use the tool.

Price: Starts at $108 per year

5. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is the most popular premium WordPress popup plugin at CodeCanyon.

The newest version offers a drag-and-drop builder interface, as well as a huge number of pre-made popup templates that you can choose from.

With that being said, the drag-and-drop builder is not the most intuitive that you’ll find because you need to preview your popup to see what it will look like on the front-end:

WordPress Popup Plugins

Ninja Popups has all of the targetings and triggering rules that you’d expect, including:

  • Exit intent triggers
  • Page-level targeting
  • Etc.

One unique feature here is built-in functionality for an opt-in or social locker, which lets you lock your content behind a popup until a user performs a certain action.

Ninja Popups also includes built-in statistics and A/B testing.

Price: $26

6. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is probably the simplest WordPress popup plugin on this list.

There’s no visual drag-and-drop builder. There are no detailed configuration options. Instead, it’s just a simple, lightweight popup plugin that you can use to grow your email list or promote offers.

Here’s an example of what a WP Subscribe Pro popup looks like:

WordPress Popup Plugins

You’ll be able to:

  • Change the popup text and colors
  • Connect to your favorite email marketing service
  • Add page-level targeting rules
  • Use advanced triggers like time, scroll depth, and exit intent
  • Choose different popup entrance animations

…but that’s about it!

Price: $29

7. Popups

The creatively named Popups plugin works a lot like the Popup Maker plugin that you saw above.

That is, it lets you build your popups using the same WordPress Classic editor interface that you use to create posts or pages (unless you’ve moved to the new Gutenberg block editor, of course). There’s no visual drag-and-drop builder, but it does add a little more of a visual feel than Popup Maker:

One area where this WordPress popup plugins does well is its WordPress-specific targeting rules, which let you target by a number of WordPress conditions including:

  • Page, taxonomy, post type, etc.
  • User role
  • User logged in status
  • Commented status

You also get other targeting options, like user device or referrer, as well as trigger rules for:

  • Time
  • Scroll depth

If you need more functionality, the Pro version adds A/B testing, as well as more targeting and trigger rules, like exit intent.

Price: Free at WordPress.org. Pro version costs $39

8. Layered Popups

Layered Popups has a unique approach to creating popups in comparison to all the other popup plugins on this list.

This unique approach is right in the name – “layered”.

To build your popups, Layered Popups gives you a drag-and-drop interface with different “layers”, much like you’d get in an image editing tool like Photoshop or a slider plugin like Layered Slider.

Here’s an example of what it looks like to create a new “layer”:

WordPress Popup Plugins

If you like this layered approach, that would be a good reason to choose this plugin.

Once you’ve built your popup, you can:

  • Use different triggers, including time, exit intent, click, scroll depth, etc.
  • Target specific pages.
  • Choose from a variety of animations.
  • Connect to your favorite email marketing software.

Price: $26

9. Popup Builder

Popup Builder works a lot like Popup Maker and Popups.

That is, you’ll need to build your popups in a non-visual interface that uses the Classic WordPress editor or something similar.

To help make that a little easier, This WordPress popup plugins gives you pre-made templates for certain types of popups, like:

  • Image
  • HTML
  • Facebook
  • Subscription

From there, you can use display rules to target specific posts, categories, post types, etc, as well as different triggers including:

  • Click
  • Hover
  • Scroll depth (paid)
  • Inactivity (paid)

If you pay for the premium version, you’ll also be able to add extra “conditions”, like:

  • Geotargeting
  • Device
  • User logged in status
  • User role
  • X page views

Price: Free at WordPress.org. Paid plans start at $49.95, or you can purchase individual extensions.

10. Icegram

Icegram is a simple free WordPress Popup Plugins available at WordPress.org. Then, there’s also a paid version that tacks on some extra functionality.

There’s no drag-and-drop builder. Instead, you’ll choose from one of the pre-made templates. Then, you can personalize that template by editing the text and images using an interface that looks like this:

With the free version, you can use targeting rules for:

  • Specific pages
  • Device
  • User logged in status

The free version only lets you trigger by time. But if you go Pro, you’ll also get other triggers like exit intent, scroll depth, and more.

Price: Free at WordPress.org. Pro starts at $97 per year

That wraps up our list of WordPress Popup Plugins! Choose one of these plugins today and start creating great-looking, effective popups on your WordPress site.

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