WordPress Post Slider Plugin

Showcase your featured posts using elegant slider that work on all devices. You can even use custom post types with SlideDeck5 Pro.

Create Slider With Any Post Type

Showcase your featured posts, portfolio posts, customer testimonials using Sliders that look beautiful and work across devices.

WordPress Posts

WooCommerce Products

Customer Testimonials

Work Portfolio

Beautiful Lenses For Your Post Slider

Lenses are highly configurable slider themes that you apply to your Post slides for gorgeous results. Dramatically change the appearance and behavior of your SlideDecks in just a few clicks.

Create Post Slider Carousels

The Carousel slider will help you show more content side by sideĀ  which means you can recommend more blog posts at once.

The carousel displays the slides beautiful card like pattern, which guarantees the good responsive behaviour. It successfully serves the purpose of carousel post slider

Create Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling Post Slider

Whether you run a blog or a magazine website, you need the ability to present you best content to website visitors in an attractive way.

With SlideDeck5 Pro you can easily create horizontally or vertically scrolling slider to showcase your best content in the hero area of your website.

Create WordPress Testimonial Slider

Testimonials from existing clients are the best way to build trust with your website visitors.

Plugins like Jetpack already offer a custom post type for testimonials. All that remains to do is use SlideDeck5 Pro to showcase those testimonials using slider or carousels.