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Do you want to showcase your WordPress custom posts in the slider of your website? A WordPress post slider will not only improve traffic for your blog posts but will also improve the visitor engagement with your site.

While there are plenty of plugins available for WordPress to get the task done, SlideDeck lets you create a WordPress post slider quickly and easily. SlideDeck allows you to amazingly present and promote your best WordPress content into the slider.  In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a WordPress slider for your custom posts.

Creating a WordPress post slider for your site:-

Step ONE: – Creating a WordPress Post Slider

First, you need to install and activate the SlideDeck Plugin.

To create a WordPress Post Slider, Go to SlideDeck » Manage » Create SlideDeck under Dynamic Source » Select Your Posts. Give a name to the slider. Then save your slider as a draft or publish it.

Choose content source - WordPress

Step TWO: – Configure your Posts source

In this section, you can determine

  • What posts type you want to display, such as posts, pages, product or any other custom post type
  • Preferred location where an image be pulled from
  • Order of the posts
  • Turn on/off custom crafted excerpt for posts (instead of the post content) when available.
  • Turn on/off filter by Taxonomy

Configure source - SlideDeck

Step THREE: – Publish the WordPress Post Slider to Your Website

You’re almost done. It’s time to add your slider to a post or page. Select any of these methods to publish your slider.

Publish methods - SlideDeck

Visit the page/post to see your WordPress post slider in action.

WordPress post slider

We hope this tutorial helped you create a WordPress custom post slider for your site. Add it to your site to provide some interesting and fresh content for your audience to engage with.

If you have any queries or feedback, please let me know in the comments.

Also, check out how to create a WooCommerce product slider in WordPress.

Note : This article has been modified keeping in mind the updated version of the SlideDeck.

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