WordPress Sliders Explained For Beginners

WordPress Sliders Explained For Beginners

A WordPress slider increases the charm of your website. An impressive design works more than anything to win the heart of the viewers. An image slider or a video slider doesn’t just catch the eyes of the viewers quickly but also keeps them glued to the site for a long time. A slider is an easy and effective way to increase the popularity of your website. This article is a beginner guide about how to create and use WordPress sliders on your site.  

What is a slider? 

The word slider refers to a knob that can be moved vertically or horizontally to control a variable like the volume of an audio system or brightness of an Image. In the context of a website, it means a slideshow added into a page of a website. A slider runs slideshows automatically on a pre-decided time interval by moving the slides without any command from the users’ side. It also reacts or responds to the activities of users like clicks or scroll or swipe etc. 

How to create a slider on WordPress?   

WordPress core does not come with any default feature to create a slider. You need a plugin for this. A WordPress slider plugin will let you create a catchy slider with just a few clicks. Once you set the configuration, the plugin will automatically manage the slider the way you want. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin.   

Where can the slider be used? 

It completely depends on you where you will place your sliders on your WordPress pages. There is no hard and fast rule for that. You need to know the preferences of your viewers and accordingly place your slider on your website. The other important factor is in which area it looks most effective. You can experiment with your placement for some time and then take a final decision. Usually, sliders are placed on the sidebars.    

How to choose the right WordPress slider plugin? 

How to find the best WordPress slider plugin is a common question. Every time you plan to buy a plugin, the same question comes to your mind: which one will be suitable for you. You have a different expectation from each type of plugin. Here, we will give you some tips to find a slider plugin that will match your news – 

  • Go for responsive plugins 

Responsiveness is the key requirement these days. Browsing habits of people have changed. Most of the people nowadays use the internet on their phone. So, it is very important to make your sliders fit for all screen sizes and devices. And, only a responsive slider plugin will let you design your slideshows in such a way. 

  • Check the speed 

Speed is a crucial factor. Many things depend on the speed of your sliders. If you want to grab the attention of your viewers, merely adding attractive images is not enough. If they take a long time to load, your users will get irritated and switch to some other site. So, you should always go for a plugin that is fast and flexible.   

  • See whether it is easy to use  

No matter how feature-rich if you can not use it properly, it is a complete waste of time and money. You need to see how user-friendly the plugin is. If you are not a technical person, you may need documentation to get familiar with all the features. So, check whether the plugin is documented properly. Nowadays many plugins have video tutorials. If you are a beginner, you may go for that kind of a plugin. Even if you are an expert, an easy to use plugin will save your time.   

The best WordPress slider plugins of the year 

There are thousands of slider plugins available in the market for WordPress. We have brought here a list of the top 6 WordPress slider plugins of the year. The list contains both free and premium plugins. Go through it, you will definitely find one appropriate for your needs.  

Premium Slider Plugins  – 


SlideDeck is a feature-rich plugin designed  to create visually appealing and impressive sliders for WordPress websites. With this, you can build responsive and eye-catching carousels and display your products there beautifully. The plugin allows you to develop vertically or horizontally scrolling slides. You may even add testimonials to your sliders to make your products more trustworthy and appealing for your viewers. 

SlideDeck allows you to create slides with different types of contents. You can create an image or video  slider with rich transition effects. It lets you  display different features of your products nicely on your site. It is a great way to win your customers. The plugin works as a CRO tool as well this way. It is well documented. 



  • Image slider 
  • Post slider 
  • Video slider 
  • Testimonial slider 
  • Product slider 
  • External sources 

Price – $25

Slider Revolution 

Slider Revolution is a powerful slider plugin  for WordPress. It is one of the best tools to build sliders, carousels, hero header and content modules. It has a  rich element library that  offers you background images, HTML5 videos, object PNGs, font icons and premade layer groups. You may easily combine these elements to give your slider an impressive look.  

Slider Revolution is a developer-friendly plugin designed for professional use. But  it comes with exclusive documentation. There are many video tutorials. Anybody can take the help of these tutorials and use the plugin without any hassle. The image slider plugin is easily customizable.   

Slider Revolution


  • 200+ templates 
  • 20ready to use addons 
  • Visual editor 
  • Animation effects 
  • Media asset library 
  • Instant updates 

Price – $29


Protection and safety is a major concern for any website and that is what Soliloquy provides. The flexible and smart slider ensures  that all your images and videos will be protected. There are options to disable right-click to stop the download. The plugin offers you hundreds of features to configure the WordPress slider. You may speed up the slide creation process, schedule individual slides for specific time intervals and add custom CSS styles. 

Soliloquy is  responsive and mobile-friendly. The WordPress plugin works well with all the latest WordPress themes. It allows you to create an image and video sliders with lots of transition effects.   



  • Drag 7 drop builder 
  • Pre-designed templates 
  • Featured contents 
  • WooCommerce ready 
  • Social sharing feature 
  • Right-click disabling option 

Price – $19 

Free Slider Plugins –  

Slide Anything 

Slide Anything is a one of its kind tool set for WordPress slide creation. As the name suggests, It lets  you create a slider with any kind of content and showcase it on your WordPress website without any difficulty. There are hundreds of sliding options and modern transition effects. You may edit individual  slides separately. The plugin comes with lots of customization options. You can design the slider background with CSS background-position, size and repeat setting. 

Slide Anything is a responsive and flexible plugin. It is easy to install and customize. It  supports all modern browsers. The plugin can be downloaded from wordpress.org.The plugin is available in both free and pro versions. The pro version is  available at $10.     

slide anything


  • Drag & drop builder 
  • Touch support for mobile devices
  • Lazy load of images 
  • Infinite looping 
  • Slide link functionality 
  • Reorder slide features 

Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider is a modern yet simple  WordPress slider plugin designed to create smooth and beautiful sliders and carousels. It is an ideal option for  post sliders, image sliders and video sliders. Its user-friendly interface allows you to pull the  media files from your media gallery and create  an image or video sider. There are features to  customize typography, background colour and height and width of the slider. The plugin has  advanced transition effects. You may adjust the speed of the transition as per your needs.

Smooth Slider comes with many magical features. Once you create your slides you can straight away add them to your WordPress site using a widget, template or shortcode. It is a  beginner-friendly plugin  and works with all WordPress themes.     

Smooth Slider


  • Drag & drop builder 
  • Limit number of posts 
  • Randomize slides 
  • Auto expired slides 
  • Image pick preferences 
  • Text content control 

Master Slider

Master Slider is an elegant WordPress slider plugin.  Its user friendly and easily customizable  interface allows you to create a responsive image and video sliders with  just a few clicks. The plugin has hardware accelerated smooth transition effects. Using these effects you may create touch transitions with easy swipe gestures. There are  smart loading assets and shuffles ordering slide options.  

The master slider is an SEO friendly plugin. Its responsive design  is optimized for any touch devices and screen sizes. It has 6 unique and modern skins. There are  time-bar and circle timer UI control. It is a free plugin. 

Master Slider


  • Drag & drop creation 
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Touch swipe navigation 
  • Built-in cache option 
  • Smart memory management 
  • 6+ interactive slide transition 


Creating WordPress sliders needs just three easy steps, install a slider plugin, configure it and create your slider. All the plugins mentioned here are chosen on the basis of their performance and popularity. You can use any of them to create your slider. After adding a slider, within a few days the number of visitors to your site will start increasing. 

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